Customer Raves

“Out of the numerous insurance brokers and agents we have dealt with over the years, LCIS has definitely been the most attentive. Our account representative, Mike Dunn, has consistently obtained quotes for Workers’ Comp., General Liability, and Auto Liability in a timely manner. He answers the many questions we ask of him, resolves any issues we may have, and makes sure we are satisfied with the service LCIS provides us with. In addition to Mr. Dunn’s great service, the certificate department has always answered our requests within the same day; which is very important when payments are depending on that proof of insurance. Overall LCIS has been an excellent insurance company to work with and we look forward to keeping our insurance policies with them in the future.”
Tulio Sibrian
President, Green Valley Landscape & Maintenance Inc.; Escondido, CA

“I just want to say an extra thank you for being so kind and sensitive to our needs with this situation. We really appreciate you, Bev, everyone that helps us there at LCIS, the staff always listens and gives professional, personalized care to my every need – and for that I am very, very thankful. It is not always so personable and easy doing business these days, and the LCIS staff has made me feel like “work family” – such a breath of fresh air, and a comfort – insurance is a nervous subject for me, and I am so happy LCIS is on our team! yay! And thank you!”
Shannon Bryan-Ruggiero
Arcadian Gardens; San Luis Obispo, CA

“One of my favorite reasons for working with LCIS is the marvelous customer service. You can quote me on that!”
Laural A Roaldson
CEO, Laural Landscapes; Walnut Creek, CA

“Our experience with LCIS over the years has always been positive. Their professionalism and advocacy to our company with the insurers have been of a caliber that we would have to see dramatic savings to justify our moving to another company. Further, when we had a claim, the staff who handled the claim were available, knowledgeable and entirely professional. After we factored in the rebates, we were no further ahead financially with an alternate provider this year.”
Richard Kington
A Cut Above Landscape Maintenance, Inc.

“…… and THANK YOU LCIS – I don’t know what I would do without Rockstar BEV NELSON all these years – guiding me through the insurance mazes. She and her team have saved my peace of mind – my family and co-worker (John). Yay for LCIS! And thank you for such a warm wish during customer service week!”
Arcadian Gardens Landscape Design & Contracting, Creston, CA