Introductory Compliance Audit & Review

Introductory Compliance Audit & Review

Do you meet Cal/OSHA and/or Federal OSHA requirements?

We conduct a general assessment of your workplace, safety program, and operations, to determine whether you do. The audit and review is followed up by a written report outlining our findings and next step recommendations.

Complete Facility Audit

Are there any vulnerabilities or inconsistencies in your facility, employee activities, documentation systems, and written programs?

We conduct a thorough inspection/audit of your entire facility to determine if there are any areas needing correction or updating. The inspection and audit is documented within a comprehensive report including photos, recommendations, and follow-up meetings to strategize fulfillment and to make corrections where needed.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Are you meeting the Cal/OSHA and Federal OSHA’s General Duty rules?

Not only do your programs have to meet OSHA, they must also be company specific. We evaluate and subsequently develop a site/company specific Safety Policy Manual (aka IIPP), including a draft and follow-up editing. The programs are streamlined, including manageable documents with all of the needed basic elements, featuring Hazard Communication, Heat Illness Prevention, Codes of Safe Practices, Emergency Preparedness, as well as any other specific needs.

Contract Management Services

Are you ensuring consistent compliance over the long-term?

One of the toughest elements of compliance is consistency, but we can help by providing our services on either a quarterly basis – or more frequently if necessary. Our services include conducting employee training classes, site inspections, phone support, appeals representation if needed, accident investigation support, on-call services, and full documentation of the programs efforts.

Emergency Disaster/Evacuation Program

Emergency Disaster/Evacuation Program

Does your businesses have a plan for an event that could catch you by surprise?

Our Emergency Disaster/Evacuation Program establishes a foundation about reacting to a disaster like a fire or an earthquake. It also covers emergency actions and plans in terms of what to do during, and after an incident. The objective of the program is to ensure life safety and business recovery as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Sexual Harassment/Bullying Training

Are you ensuring compliance with the new rules surrounding AB2053?

We provide training focused on businesses with 50 or more employees which meet the new standards required under AB2053. The training is conducted every 2 years for the management team, including individuals classified as leads, supervisors, managers, executives, and any others who give directions to employees under their control on the job. As outlined under Section 12950, this class is a mandatory 2-hour interactive session.

Forklift Training and Certification

Forklift Training and Certification

Are all your forklift operators trained and certified to operate a forklift?

To ensure compliance, we provide classes at your facility or on a job site using your equipment. The classes run about 2 hours and the licenses are good for 3 years. Attendance is mandatory, despite prior experience, and/or current licenses from other jobs/companies.

Get started with a complimentary review of your current IIPP

In addition to special fees only available to our Members, your LCIS/Golden Oak Membership includes a complimentary review of your current Injury and Illness Prevention Program to ensure it complies with all OSHA requirements. Following this review we will make recommendations as to next steps.

Designed to meet the requirements of both California and Federal OSHA, these programs have reviewed and scrutinized by numerous OSHA Inspectors from both Enforcement and Consultation. The results have been extremely favorable.