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OSHA Compliance and Defense on Your Side
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EEAP’s mission is to provide comprehensive education and support for companies, improving their safety and OSHA compliance so that they can succeed, thrive and have a safer work environment. With EEAP you can enjoy peace of mind with OSHA experienced personnel permanently on your team, delivering customized documentation current with OSHA regulations; providing safety training with hundreds of topics and bilingual lesson materials; on-site comprehensive inspections performed by experienced, qualified safety inspectors; OSHA citation defense services, and; 24/7 emergency consultation.


  • Safety Training
  • Safety Documentation
  • Safety Inspection
  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation
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Mallet, legal code and scales of justice

Citation Defense

  • Legwork
  • Paperwork
  • Phone Calls
  • Research
  • Attend Conferences
  • Attend Hearings

Mobile Safety App!

  • Online access to hundreds of safety lessons in English and Spanish.
  • Capture signatures digitally
  • Digital archive/retrieval of sign-off sheets
  • Online access to Client Center
  • Access to archived webinars and notification of upcoming Safety Webinars
  • Access to Safety Signage Store. Free downloadable 8.5” X 11” Safety Posters



Your documentation will be written exclusively for your company, your industry and for your specific location. We will keep your safety programs current with OSHA regulations for as long as you are on our monthly support plan. You will have access to all of your customized documentation online at


Safety Training


Your OSHA required safety training can be delivered by our experienced consultants. You have full access to all of our safety lessons right on your tablet or SmartPhone.

  • Hundreds of safety topics available to choose from
  • All safety lesson materials are available in English & Spanish
  • New lessons added monthly
  • Onsite instructor-led lessons available upon request
  • Creation of customized safety lessons


  • Ladder Safety
  • Hazcom GHS
  • Cal/OSHA 300 Logs
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • And more…
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Your on-site comprehensive inspections performed by experienced and qualified safety inspectors can include the following elements:

  • On-site visit and walkthrough of your facility
  • Review of your safety programs
  • Review of your training programs
  • On-the-spot consultation to:
    • Correct or abate hazards
    • Improve safety operations
    • Maintain ongoing compliance
  • Identification of OSHA violations
  • Identification of possible hazards
  • Identification of machine guarding hazards
  • Identification of machine guarding hazards
  • Summary evaluation report, including:
    • Photographs, tied to OSHA regulations
    • Instructions to abate/correct identified hazards



Mallet, legal code and scales of justiceWhen OSHA citations are involved, we put nearly a quarter of a century of experience to work for you. WE do all of the footwork, paperwork, phone calling, research and attend all conferences and hearings on your behalf. As an ongoing support customer, you can receive the following OSHA citation defense services.

  • Assistance in contacting OSHA
  • Comprehensive citation review
  • Writing and filing of OSHA amendments as required
  • Representation at all OSHA informal conferences and hearings
  • Representation at all OSHA area, district and regional levels
  • Complete monitoring of the entire appeals process
  • Comprehensive support from the beginning until your case is settled
  • Certified mail services billed separately
  • OSHA document copying services billed separately

24/7 Emergency Consultation


63c72b3f-b03b-4b8c-b858-735b9ab2a91dWe recognize that you may have to work early hours, late nights, weekends or holidays. When a serious accident or incident occurs, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can reach a professional safety consultant right away.

NOTE: Failure to contact OSHA within 8 hours following a serious injury will result in a mandatory $5,000 fine.

Call us in the event of an emergency and let our experts help you determine the severity of the situation and whether or not it requires notification. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and help you deal with emergencies 24 hours a day. You may call us anytime with your emergency or urgent safety related questions. (800) 734-3574.