Employee Handbook Review

Protection for the Employee and the Employer

An employee handbook is a necessary tool in protecting your company. It not only explains what is expected of your employees, but it can also put you on the right side of the law if a dispute occurs. Court cases have shown that the lack of an employee handbook, or one that is outdated could cost a company thousands of dollars.

Do you have an employee handbook? If so, how long has it been since it was last updated? One year? Two years? More? Your handbook could be missing several important clauses.

As an LCIS client you can get your employee handbook reviewed at no cost. The review is a comparison of your current employee handbook to a checklist created by our labor law firms that lists federal and state compliance categories. We can get you a new compliant employee handbook with our handbook template. The template already contains mandated and optional federal and state policies, you then work with our consulting firm to tailor it for your company. We will also help keep it updated annually – free of charge.