OSHA Survey & Compliance Report

As an LCIS client, you can rest assured that we are there at your side to help keep your employees safe from harm, and protect your business from any potential legal penalties you may encounter due to regulatory infringements.

Most businesses already have certain safety mechanisms in place, but what about employee safety training, facility audits, on-site safety training, hazard communication, and risk assessment inspections? Do your employees know how to react in the face of an emergency, natural disaster, heat stroke, or an injury caused by equipment?

It’s almost impossible to account for and control every random event that could occur, but we can help you control how you react, and LCIS Business Services will help you be more prepared and react in the correct manner.

You can get started by requesting a free OSHA Survey & Compliance Report, which will provide:

Complimentary Assess/Review
Basic on-site assessment of your workplace and current safety program.

Complete Facility Audit – Extensive Review
Includes report, photos and delivery/review meeting.

Sexual Harassment Training Seminar
2 Hour Seminar (required every 2nd year), including materials, interactive experience, quizzes, case studies and DVD presentations.

Forklift Training & Certification
3 Year Certification for Operators.

OSHA Appeals Processing & Representation