The LCIS insurance program has been designed for landscape contractors, lawn maintenance companies, nurseries and tree services. The program is exclusively available through LCIS.

Where do premiums start?

Minimum premiums begin at $1,000 per year.

How is my premium determined?

Premiums are determined by a number of factors, including: your annual payroll, physical location, value of insured equipment and other property, number of years in business, vehicle schedule, and previous history of claims.

What coverage is included in your policy?

Our program is highly flexible and can accommodate operations of many sizes, so no package is quite the same. Most insured's select a policy that includes General Liability, Commercial Automobile and Tools & Equipment. Additional optional coverages include Property, Crime, Installation Floater, and Excess Liability.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Most landscape installation contractors, maintenance contractors, nurseries, tree services and other green industry businesses are eligible. New ventures are also eligible (subject to underwriting approval).

How quickly may I activate coverage?

LCIS can act very quickly. We are certainly willing to handle urgent inquiries.

May I work on condominiums and tract housing developments?

Yes. Our standard policy does not exclude coverage for multi-family or single family new construction.

I am a licensed pesticide/herbicide applicator. Am I covered?

Yes. Our policy extends liability coverage to you for these operations.

I need a blanket Additional Insured endorsement. Is this available?

Yes. Our policy includes a blanket additional insured endorsement. We do not charge to add each individual additional insured.

How are my owned Tools and Equipment covered?

Typically, miscellaneous tools & equipment (valued under $1,000) are covered under a blanket (non-scheduled) limit of coverage, as specified in your policy. Larger, more valuable equipment may be scheduled on the policy using the equipment's actual cash value.

Am I able to insure other property including computers, contents, and inventory?

Yes. These coverages may be added to your policy at any time. Please contact our office for further information.

Are Payment Plans Available?


On January 1, 2012, changes occurred in the relationship we have with the CLCA. What follows are the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding these changes.

Do I have to be a CLCA member to take advantage of LCIS insurance programs?

No, as of January 01, 2012, you no longer have to be a CLCA member to take advantage of the LCIS insurance programs. This is the only change that impacts you, the landscape contractor.

Does that mean LCIS is no longer associated with the CLCA?

Not at all...LCIS will continue to be financial sponsors of CLCA at the ELITE level, remain supporters of local CLCA chapters, stay very active in local CLCA chapter meetings/functions and continue to hold local CLCA chapter board positions.

Why did this situation happen?

The recent decision to end the exclusive contract between our organizations was a business decision driven primarily by the very same economic pressures that many of you are likely feeling within your own business. Our recently expired contract did not allow us to retain the business of any landscape contractor who did not wish to continue their membership with CLCA. This desire by our policyholders was increasing rapidly in recent years and was beginning to have an impact on LCIS financially.

It seems like this decision was made overnight? Was it?

It started in the early part of 2011. Golden Oak/LCIS made a request to amend the existing contract and was seeking flexibility within our exclusive contract with CLCA regarding maintaining coverage (insurance policies) on businesses that either could no longer afford, or did not want to be, CLCA members. CLCA denied the request. Golden Oak/LCIS then sent a contract termination letter (per contract guidelines) and a follow up letter requesting our desire to negotiate a new contract. In addition, we presented CLCA with several options on this subject and we were open to their thoughts and expected some form of interactive response from the CLCA. After our formal presentation, CLCA opted not to negotiate with Golden Oak/LCIS on a new contract, but instead decided to honor the contract expiration and pursue other options. This was done without any member input or consensus.

I'm still a member of the CLCA. Can I no longer get special LCIS benefits like rebates and equity?

For the past 20+ years, Golden Oak, Birch and LCIS have played a substantial role in supporting the CLCA as an organization, as well as playing a primary role in membership growth of the CLCA for many years. In addition to supporting the CLCA organization, our exclusive program supports the members in terms of competitive rates, annual rebates and equity, not to mention world class service and accounting flexibilities. In other words, we offer the best value for your insurance premium. We will continue to be the landscape contractor insurance program that was specifically developed for you by LCIS, Inc. over 22 years ago, and that you have all come to know, trust, depend on and support over the years.

The descriptions of coverage provided to you on this website do not alter or replace the actual policy. For an exact explanation of coverage, please refer to the policy. In the event of a claim, the actual policy in force at the time the loss occurred will dictate coverage and limits.