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The services provided by ShiftableHR, are a key part of the LCIS Gold Services Program which gives you access to pre-negotiated program discounts that will save you thousands!

ShiftableHR is a forward thinking, client focused organization that works with companies to provide cost-efficient, scalable Workforce Management Solutions to their business. Their singular focus is to provide our clients solutions that enable them to effectively navigate and manage their employer administrative requirements. They do this with a service engine platform that that integrates Human Resources Management, Payroll, Workers Compensation, and Employee Benefits by continually being ahead of the curve; through unparalleled service, innovative products, best in class vendors they improve the lives of our clients and their employees. They are the workforce management authority.



LCIS Workforce ManagementWhen it comes to running your business there are two statements that employers hear from experts that are completely opposite but both very true. “Your Employees are your greatest Asset” and “Your Employees are your greatest Liability”. How could this be? As you know Assets sit on one side of the ledger and Liabilities on the other. They are polar opposites.

Most companies will invest heavily in recruitment, training and benefits to attract and retain great employees. For their company to be productive and successful they must have the right workforce. In this sense, their employees are their greatest asset. But when you flip the coin to the other side; the administrative side, there is nothing that will impact a company's financial security and investment like the burden of being an employer. With growing regulations and labor laws, workers compensation cost, benefits cost and the lack of needed systems to manage it all, companies are exposed like never before. One wrong step and it could be a fatal blow to the business.

More and more, companies are outsourcing these responsibilities to companies that advertise "comprehensive payroll solutions" or "HR consulting". But the same competitive environment which aims at minimizing inefficiencies for their clients is actually working against maximizing customer satisfaction and delivering comprehensive solutions and services. . Ultimately this is due to the un-bundled approach many service providers utilize. XccelerateHR works together with each client to provide a completely integrated Workforce Management Solution that is right for them. XccelerateHR provides Workforce Management Solutions to the business community from 2 to 2,000 employees in a fully dynamic and integrated platform that is right for each company’s individual need.



Complete Human Resources Management Solution (HRIS)

LCIS HR AdministrationXccelerateHR provides your company with an easy-to-use, on-demand solution to your business. Our Elite and Expert service Solutions were designed to provide your company with an integrated HR solutions that maintains all employee data in a single database. Your business will no longer have to spend hours searching through paper files for specific information. Employee data is instantly accessible and always up-to-date.


Human Resources Function Automation:

  • Benefits Management-Enrollment Automation
  • Payroll Connectivity
  • Workflow Automation
  • Hiring Processes-Electronic Onboarding

Full-scale HR and Benefits Management:

  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Attendance
  • Compensation
  • COBRA Administration
  • Compliance
  • Online Open Enrollment
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Automated Employee Correspondence
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Manager Self-Service



“The most complete and powerful solution in the industry”

LCIS Payroll AdministrationTo succeed, your business must focus on its core functions. By shifting your employer responsibilities such as your company's payroll, tax, and garnishment administration to XccelerateHR you are free to focus on more strategic business functions that are essential to your success.

Our payroll administration services include:

  • Payroll processing and administration with direct deposit and debiting for seamless payrolls
  • Paperless payroll option, including e-pay stubs for employees
  • Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
  • Electronic W-2 preparation and delivery
  • Payroll and employment tax processing and payments
  • Tracking and processing of paid time off (PTO)
  • Integration with XccelerateHR Time and Attendance
  • Simplified payroll submittal anytime through XccelerateHR SaaS platform

Report Writer that enables you to access multiple reports to gain important insight into your HR, payroll, and benefits spending:

  • More than 20 standard payroll, billing, and HR reports
  • Available in easy-to-read PDF or XLS export formats
  • Date range capability on most reports
  • Payroll registers
  • Job costing reports
  • Departmental sort options
  • Employee data reports

Included in your payroll service are these convenient options:

  • Employee self-service: Empower employees to manage their own employee information online with 24 x 7 access to view their pay stubs, make address changes, track paid time off, view W–2s and more.
  • Direct deposit: Allow employees to automatically deposit paychecks into their bank accounts.
  • Payroll deductions: Let us administer your payroll deductions. We can manage deductions for health and welfare benefits, retirement plans, uniforms, advances, and other types of employee deductions.



LCIS Benefit AdministrationXccelerateHR benefit platform allows your company more time to interact with the people who work hard to drive your company’s growth instead of repeating the same manual processes over and over. Using our powerful HRIS tasks such as open enrollment and beyond makes managing benefits easy. XccelerateHR can save an HR department many hours of work during open enrollment and find carrier billing errors. Automating just these two processes alone could save a company thousands of dollars a year just in labor time costs.

Whether managing your current company benefit program through our HRIS platform or taking advantage of XccelerateHR’s large corporate buying power, your company and personnel will be treated to a benefit manager that actually saves you money and time.

A high quality benefits package makes it easier to attract and retain top talent in highly competitive environments. By choosing our PEO co-employment option, clients of the XccelerateHR can enjoy the same quality employee benefits program as a Fortune 500 company.

Benefit Plans

  • Group Major Medical Insurance plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Humana
    • MERP Plans
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Dependent Life Insurance
    • Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance
    • 401(k)
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Eflex
    • Medical Expense Flexible Account
    • Dependent Care Flexible Account


  • Processing of Employee Enrollments & Terminations
  • Employee Service Center to Handle Questions
  • Resolve Employee Claims
  • Premium Payment and Reconciliation
  • COBRA Notification and Record Keeping



LCIS Workers CompensationAs a client of XccelerateHR, you can improve your cash flow immediately because you will eliminate the down payment associated with your workers' compensation policy. Instead of a down payment, you can pay-as-you-go. You also can eliminate the burden of having to annually shop for workers' compensation coverage.

Some key features are:

  • No deposit premiums
  • No audits
  • No punitive finance charges
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Certificates of insurance



LCIS Risk ManagementNo business is exempt from the risk of having employees. Whether it is safety or work-related injury issues, regulatory issues, or internal employee communications there are many minefields that employers must navigate. Risks to both employees and employers are not always obvious, but overlooking them can be unnecessarily costly. Most employers don’t have that unique skill that it takes to manage risk. XccelerateHR does and will help you minimize and manage risk.


Let XccelerateHR guide you through the risk management minefield including:

  • Workers’ Compensation
    • Workers’ compensation insurance
    • Worksite safety assessment, loss analysis and customized injury reduction action plans
    • Complete case management for workers’ compensation claims from filing First Report of Injury through Return-to-Work programs, including representation at hearings
    • Guidance on Return-to-Work issues
    • Assistance with workers’ compensation insurance payroll reporting and audits
    • Create positive cash flow; no workers’ compensation deposit required
  • Safety
    • Safety and injury prevention consultation
    • Consultation on OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) compliance matters
    • Formal evaluation of existing safety and/or OSHA-compliance programs
    • Development and delivery of customized training on safety and occupational health topics
    • Coaching for your safety and ergonomics committees
    • Safety posters (i.e., pre-work stretching, office ergonomics, safe lifting technique, etc.)
    • Ergonomic training and workstation evaluation
    • Safety policies designed to comply with OSHA requirements
  • Unemployment Administration
    • State unemployment administration
    • Filing of taxes
    • Management of claims
    • Representation at hearings



LCIS HRIS DirectXccelerateHRs’ fully integrated on-demand solutions automate a host of your business processes while being flexible enough to conform to the needs of your organization. Our solutions offer measurable results with direct access that complies with federal compliance rules and changes to reduce liability, manage benefits costs and errors, reduce turnover costs, reduce spending on IT infrastructure, and empower HR and Payroll staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

XccelerateHR HRIS direct solutions are easy-to-use and easy to configure. This results in faster implementations, maximizing efficiency right away.

The XccelerateHR client support teams are dedicated to being responsive, personable and knowledgeable about our service and will assist you in getting your HR management needs set up so that you can access data, reports, or measured results anytime. Client services coordinators, account managers, internal staff and our executive team will work with you not only to answer the questions you may have, but also develop a long-term partnership. Our excellent client retention rates reflect the pride we take in the quality of the services we provide.

ShiftableHR delivers cost efficient, scalable workforce management solutions featuring Payroll Service and HR Support: 24/7 online HR access, bilingual handbooks, live HR support, reduces fee payroll processing, paycheck production, direct deposit initiation, State and Federal payroll taxes, HR support and help.