Workplace Injury Hotline

FREE Workplace Injury Hotline


Cut Workers’ Comp costs with 24/7/365 access to a Registered Nurse.

What is the Workplace Injury Hotline?

  • 24/7/365 access to Registered Nurses
  • Safe and effective clinical recommendations
  • Clear documentation and notification
  • Medical decision-making liability
  • Assistance getting to the right provider

Your Benefits


Supervisors do not have to make any medical decisions.

  • The Registered Nurses at the Workplace Injury Hotline will assess the injured employee
  • Employees will have immediate access to quality care
  • Frequently, employees are able to treat the injury with instructions from the Nurse, thus avoiding a trip to the clinic

How Does it Work?


The supervisor should call with the employee after any injury occurs. (if the injury is potentially life-threatening, call 911)

  • If an interpreter is needed advise the nurse when calling
  • Once the nurse has identified your company and location, they will ask for the employee to be put on the phone
  • The employee will describe the injury
  • The nurse will then evaluate the employee’s injury using patented medical algorithms
  • The nurse will offer a recommendation, allowing the employee to make an informed decision
  • If the employee is electing to self treat, the nurse will review in detail the self treatment plan
  • If the employee is going to the provider, we will fax a Provider Injury Alert to the provider as long as we have been given a fax number already in our system

Listen To An Example Call

  • Professional management and handling of your calls by Registered Nurses online
  • Injury assessments for workplaces that cannot support a medical clinic on-site
  • After hours or on weekends, or whenever an on-site medical professional is not in the clinic
  • Calls are tracked and recorded