How Can a Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) Help Me?

How can a CAS help me?

  • Compliance Assistance Specialists in OSHA’s Regional and Area Offices around the country provide outreach to a variety of groups free of charge.
  • These groups include small businesses and other employers, trade and professional associations, union locals, and community and faith-based groups.
  • Compliance Assistance Specialists can provide general information about OSHA’s compliance assistance resources and how to comply with OSHA standards.
  • They are available for seminars, workshops, and speaking events.
  • They also promote and help implement OSHA’s cooperative programs, including the Voluntary Protection Programs, the Strategic Partnership Program, and the Alliance Program.

How do I contact my local CAS?

What if I’m in a state with an OSHA-approved program?

  • Contact your local state office for compliance assistance.

Who else can I contact for help?


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