Holiday Parties & Liquor Liability

Did you know that many states hold you or your company liable for accidents and injuries caused by party attendees having too much to drink. Not only that, in many cases, you or your company may have insufficient insurance – or no coverage at all – under your existing liability insurance policies.

What to do? Implement one or more of the following steps and ensure everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season:

  • Do not serve alcohol at your party and adopt a zero-tolerance policy for consumption on your premises. If zero tolerance is too harsh, consider a “key bowl” presided over by a sober third-party. If a party attendee is impaired the third-party calls a cab and their car keys stay in the bowl.
  • If your event is off-site, make sure your party venue has liquor liability insurance. Ask if it covers you or your company – or have them add you or your company as an additional insured for the party.
  • Limit party attendance only to people you know – friends, family, neighbors, employees. After all, even significant others can be under age, and who will check?
  • Off-site venues for parties should offer a cash bar if a bar is present at all. Another option is a “ticket” system where each attendee gets one or two tickets for free drinks and the remainder is cash.
  • If this is a company party, consider renting transportation for the event. While it may be expensive, it will be cheaper than the loss of an employee.

No matter what, you should designate a person/s who understands your rules and the potential liability. And give that person permission to call a cab for a party attendee – on your tab if necessary.

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