IN: Remote Working Increases Cyber Exposure

Dear Valued Customer,

The importance of cyber insurance policies has never been quite so great. While companies need to keep conducting business and they need their employees to work, due to the weakened security infrastructure of most remote working setups and the increased activity of cyber criminals using the pandemic to their advantage, this crisis is something of a perfect storm for cybercrime.

Reality is that your employees may be using non-corporate email services which will not afford them the same level of protection as internal networks, or they may simply be connecting to the internet via a less secure wireless connection, and these factors can lead to exposures which would not be an issue in the traditional workplace. Employees also still need to share files with each other to get business done, and if not done securely it can lead to an increased number of breaches.

We appreciate your continued business and hope you and your family are safe and well. Please connect if you’re as concerned as we are about your cyber security.

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