Ocean Cargo & Stock Throughput

Protect your product on its long journey to reach its destination.

Stock Throughput Policies (STP) are designed for companies that import, distribute, or export merchandise. A STP is a form of marine coverage that insures a company’s goods throughout the supply chain, from production to final destination. From raw materials to works-in-progress to finished goods, a Stock Throughput Policy provides comprehensive protection for your products in the event of damage or catastrophe.

What are the benefits of a Stock Throughput policy?

All-Risk, No-Gap Coverage
Goods can be covered from the moment the insured assumes an interest in those goods to the moment that interest ceases, even if the goods in question are in the hands of a third party.
Lower Premiums
The marine cargo insurance market can provide substantially lower rates than traditional property markets, thus enabling considerable savings.
Lower Deductibles
The marine cargo markets allow for lower deductibles for CAT (e.g. hurricane, wind, earthquake and flood) and non-CAT risks, and a fixed rather than percentage deductible can apply.
Selling Price Valuation
Stock can be valued on the selling price, thereby including the profit element and potentially reducing the need for business interruption coverage.
No Time Limitations Coverage continuous on the goods in transit and storage as long as the insured is at risk. Also declaration is typically not required.


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