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LCIS Long-Term Health Insurance

Long term insurance plans (often called major medical insurance ) are annually renewable and comprehensive options specifically designed for you to stay on the same plan for long periods of time. Since you will typically keep a major medical plan for many years, they are medically underwritten - meaning you will need to answer health questions to ensure you're qualified for coverage. Unlike Short-Term Health Insurance, which allows you to choose your own policy maximum and deductible, Long-Term Health Insurance coverage is usually less flexible, but offers a higher policy maximum and additional benefits, like preventative care.

Here's a comparison of the features of Long-Term versus Short-Term Health Insurance:


Long-Term Health Insurance

While these plans are more costly they will provide many benefits not covered by short term plans, such as pre-existing condition coverage, wellness visits and preventative care. Of course no insurance plan can cover every visit, but long term options will generally offer the most coverage.


Short-Term Health Insurance

Since you can typically only have your coverage for one year, these plans will not cover you for long term conditions like maternity, mental health and pre-existing conditions. However, they will provide coverage for new illnesses or injuries, including doctor visits and hospitalizations. Travel benefits like trip interruption and lost luggage are also included, so be sure to check the policy wording for details.

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