Time for your family vacation or a weekend road trip.

LCIS RV Insurance

If you think your RV is properly protected by the same type of insurance that covers your personal vehicle, you're in for a big surprise. It's distinctly different because RV Insurance is like two policies in one: it protects your vehicle like car insurance and it also protects your living area like home insurance.

And, whether you're pulling your RV or you're driving it, we know that you're likely travelling with other belongings that will also need protection.


GAP Coverage

GAP insurance can make up the difference between what your basic insurance pays and what you owe on your vehicle.


Emergency Travel Expenses

Access to emergency travel expenses so you're not stranded if something happens to your RV while you're traveling.


Personal Coverage

We can cover whatever personal items you bring along for the ride.


Rental Car

Get rental car expense coverage, 24-hour towing and roadside assistance.

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